How much retraining is too much?

I am immensely happy with the slew of measures implemented by the Government to promote the employability of mature executives, being one myself ("Wage subsidy for older workers to be extended"; Dec 2).

Being gainfully employed helps people with their self-worth as well as in maintaining their financial independence.

However, the parameters of staying relevant in the workforce to ensure employability are not clearly defined for executives working in small and medium-sized enterprises.

Recently, a group of mature executives were given a task that was beyond their job scope and would require training to perform.

This is despite the fact that their skills are still relevant to the current roles that they are in.

Is such an action taken by the company considered retraining for sustained employability or the exploitation of mature workers?

It seems that because our employment opportunities are limited, companies see it as an opportune time to increase our workload and expand our job scope.

In the absence of a staff union or human resource unit, where can mature SME executives turn to seek help or advice?

Brenda Lee (Madam)