How e-bikes can be made safe

There have been a few deaths already because of e-bikes. These are totally unnecessary.

To prevent more accidents and deaths, the Government should look at tightening the rules for e-bike use. My wish list of rules:

- Send all e-bikes yearly to vehicle inspection centres approved by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) to ensure that their speed is limited to 25kmh and weight limited to 20kg; place tamper-proof seals to ensure compliance.

- Make it compulsory to have a camera fitted on all e-bikes, in case of accidents.

- Ensure that all e-bikes are fitted with lights on the front and back for riding at night.

- Separate the path for e-bikes from that for pedestrians.

- Force all riders to wear helmets if they are on the road.

- Allow only a single rider on e-bikes; no passengers.

- Register all e-bikes and ensure that they have a licence plate issued by LTA for easy identification and tracking.

With these in place, I hope that there will be a safer environment for all, be it riders or pedestrians.

Wee Gim Leong

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