How are public bus fares across Causeway charged?

I have always wondered what my fare is when I take a bus from Kranji to Johor. The card reader displays "ride suspended" when one taps out at the Singapore checkpoint, as well as at the Malaysian checkpoint.

Many people cross over to Malaysia daily, especially over the weekends, and many do their shopping at City Square or the other malls around the Malaysian checkpoint.

For example, once I clear Malaysian immigration checks, I would walk to City Square instead of continuing my journey on the bus to JB Sentral.

Since the ride is suspended, I never quite know if I am charged for the journey up to Malaysia's checkpoint or all the way up to JB Sentral, not forgetting that previously, the ride went up to Larkin or farther.

On one occasion, on my way back to Singapore, I boarded Service 950 after clearing Malaysian immigration. When I cleared Singapore immigration, I boarded Service 160 to Kranji.

I noticed the card reader registered it as "new ride" when I tapped my card. Why is that so? Shouldn't it be considered a transfer ride, as is the case for such trips in Singapore?

Teresa Wong (Ms)