How about CSR for struggling local firms?

It is heartening to read about CSR (corporate social responsibility) activities of listed companies and other large firms in Singapore.

The thrust of such CSR efforts has centred mainly on the environment, the poor, the elderly, at-risk children and in varied sectors such as the arts, medical research, and so on.

While all that is good, perhaps we could look at CSR efforts to help Singapore companies that may be suffering temporary setbacks or a cyclical downturn in their businesses.

Many of these companies have viable businesses in the medium- and long-term as business cycles do turn around.

They have, in the past provided employment for many in Singapore and can continue to do so when market conditions improve. But for the moment, they need help.

Some lawyers are known to provide pro-bono services to needy individuals; can something similar be done for struggling Singapore companies?

I look forward to the day when we can have a more gracious Singapore, comprising individuals and companies that embrace noble objectives over and above their usual motivation of making profits.

Ngiam Joke Mui

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