How about an NDP drone display?

The recent National Day Parade (NDP) was a stunning success that wowed the crowd in more ways than one.

However, hours earlier, crowds crammed in the area were dying for some action to break the monotony of waiting for the show to start.

Air shows, like fireworks, capture the biggest audience, by virtue of their aerial nature.

Hence, even an eagle that flew past during the Aug 1 NDP rehearsal aroused much interest among the crowd.

I hope that in future, the authorities will put on some sort of aerial performance, such as a drone display.

Hobbyists in Singapore would be delighted to display their drones on such an occasion, of course, in a controlled manner.

To take it a step further, why not incorporate drones in the parade proper? Perhaps a fleet of 10 drones flying abreast and blazing with colourful lights could lead the parade.

Such a display incorporates an element of modern culture and reflects the kind of hobbies Singaporeans engage in today.

Drones are, understandably, a touchy issue, especially where security is concerned.

But there can be some room for exception when it comes to national celebrations.

Phillip Tan Fong Lip

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