Hotel should not promote wasting food

I am taken aback by Marina Mandarin's policy on leftover food. The hotel seemed to promote food wastage.

And what was worse is that it appeared to push the responsibility of enforcing the policy to the guest.

At a wedding banquet recently, there was an abundance of leftovers at our table for some of the dishes that were served. So, I asked to have them packed to take away.

The banquet manager flatly refused, saying that the hotel was protecting its guests from falling ill by following National Environment Agency guidelines.

When I told him that I was aware of some hotels that do permit guests to do it, provided they were prepared to sign a waiver to not hold the hotel responsible, he said he would get his manager.

However, he summoned my hosts, the wedding couple, instead. This is totally unacceptable and unprofessional behaviour. My fellow guests were aghast with his actions.

One would have thought that with the drive against food wastage the world over, the hotel would have been more than happy to oblige my take-away request.

I hope that Marina Mandarin will re-consider its excess food policy and also provide some training to its staff on being more respectful to paying customers and guests.

Neoh Sue Lynn (Ms)