Hopes for a happy compromise on Disney light-up

The organisations behind the controversial Disney-themed Christmas decorations in Orchard Road want "to initiate a conversation for both parties to better understand each other's views and perspectives" (STB: Let's discuss Disney light-up; Nov 25).

The decision by the Orchard Road Business Association (Orba) and Singapore Tourism Board (STB) is in response to the complaint of the National Council of Churches (NCCS) that the festive display is too secular and commercialised, with "no meaningful connection to the season of Christmas".

This is a hot topic that has been debated in this Forum. Some are upset because left out from the presentation are reflections of the very core of Christmas - the birth of Jesus Christ.

In hindsight, Orba and STB could have combined the secular and the religious and still have had an enchanting light-up that would have mesmerised all.

This episode raises the need to distinguish between religious and non-religious events, which is most essential for maintaining harmony in our multi-religious and multiracial society.

One hopes that the dialogue proposed by Orba and STB ends on a happy note so that whatever our creed, we will enjoy a truly inclusive and merry Christmas.

Anthony Oei