Forum: Hope Exclusion Order is answer to difficult neighbours

An eviction notice is pasted on the front door of a flat whose owners have been particularly noisy. ST PHOTO: NG SOR LUAN

I refer to the report in The Sunday times about the man who got a court order directing his noisy neighbours to leave their 3-room flat for a month (First Exclusion Order issued to bar man's noisy neighbours from home, Jan 5).

Mr Daniel See's persistence to set things right must be admired. He pursued the matter and did not give up despite earlier attempts to seek help from the police, the HDB, town council and his MP.

I do hope that this latest action against his difficult neighbours will work for himespecially because he has been putting up with the problems for nearly two years now.

It is disconcerting that it has taken so long to sort out the matter.

Hopefully, the Exclusion Order will serve as a deterrent not only to Mr See's neighbours but also to others who are difficult neighbours.

Cynthia Ponnana

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