Honouring Mr Lee's wishes, retaining history

I propose that we demolish Mr Lee Kuan Yew's house and construct a replica of it to be securely placed in a Founders' Memorial museum ("Lee family to donate value of 38, Oxley Rd to eight charities"; Dec 5).

Alternatively, we can have the house digitised and turned into a virtual reality version.

The late Mr Lee's original house should be demolished, to comply with his wishes. It will, thus, never be abused or stand in the way of progress.

The replica, on the other hand, can contribute to moving the country forward. It can be used to provide a visual image of a very important part of our history.

The replica will be a constant reminder of the blood, sweat and tears that have been sacrificed to build our nation.

It can be used to motivate current and future Singaporeans to become more passionate and committed in leveraging the past and developing a brighter future.

The replica will also be a visual lesson for preserving and passing on the ideals, values, aspirations and lessons that can be learnt from the life of our founding father.

These lessons include love for the country and family, lifelong learning, discipline, thriftiness, health, and grit. These lessons can help Singaporeans become a better people.

Before we embark on any of the proposed projects, we should consult with the Lee family to ensure that they approve and are supportive of the idea.

If so, I hope that they will help to contribute to the narrative about Mr Lee's house, family and lifestyle.

In doing so, it will inspire our people to live by Mr Lee's ideals and pass on his values and aspirations to future generations.

Patrick Liew Siow Gian (Dr)