Hold building management responsible for illegal sex outlets

The police should be commended for the successful raids on massage parlours (Six women arrested for offering sex in massage parlour raids; April 27) and thanked for their relentless efforts in stamping out such illegal activities.

While I am glad the police continue to raid such premises, such actions may not be the most effective way to go about tackling the problem.

The police may have arrested six women today, but expect more of such outlets to sprout up somewhere else tomorrow.

It is a never-ending game because it is cheap and easy to open up a shop. By the time the police catches up, they would be gone.

Tougher licensing and enforcement action will be needed to eradicate this social menace.

This includes holding the building management and property owners responsible if such illegal activities are found on their premises.

If we can hold building management responsible for lesser ills, such as illegal gambling or smoking on their premises, surely we can hold them accountable for letting their premises be used for such activities.

Patrick Tan Siong Kuan