Highlight dangers of head trauma in sport

The report on Jan 13 highlighted how the danger of head trauma in sport is still not hitting home ("Dangers of head trauma in sport still not hitting home").

It particularly focused on chronic traumatic encephalopathy, which causes progressive degeneration of the brain as a result of traumatic blows to the head over time.

I have written in previously to highlight this danger, especially in sports like boxing and mixed martial arts, where participants have died in the ring and some have ended up with brain damage and Parkinsonism ("Exercise due care in sports"; July 28, 2015).

The report covers various sports, including contact sports like rugby and football, where the likelihood of repeated trauma to the head is higher.

The various sports bodies and authorities should embark on a campaign to educate our sports participants on these dangers and promote preventive measures.

Quek Koh Choon (Dr)