Heed rules against feeding monkeys in park

On a recent visit to MacRitchie Reservoir, I noticed that there were many monkeys around, and that some were eating items such as curry puffs.

The animals were also attracted to the food and drinks brought by visitors to the reservoir. One monkey even tried to snatch the drink from a visitor's hand. She finally threw the cup filled with the drink onto the ground so as to avoid being attacked by the monkey.

I have also heard of incidents where monkeys have tried to snatch food from visitors' bags.

I hope visitors to such parks can be more mindful of the rules and regulations put up by the National Parks Board so that such incidents can be avoided. There are many signs in the MacRitchie Reservoir Park that inform visitors not to feed the monkeys.

Visitors should also take note of the dos and don'ts posted on the notice board of the park. Otherwise visitors may not only face an onslaught of monkeys, but they will also be dirtying the environment.

Ishwar Mahtani

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