HDB: flat design evolves to meet changing social, lifestyle needs

MR RANDY Ho's letter gave the wrong impression that he had seen the completed Clementi flat and found it less than desired ("Design of Clementi flat impractical"; Forum Online, last Wednesday).

Mr Ho's flat in Clementi Cascadia is still under construction and is slated to be completed only in 2017.

The design of Clementi Cascadia is of a similar standard to Clementi Crest, which Mr Ho cited as having a more favourable design.

On his point that the design of the common toilet (in four- and five-room units) in his project cannot accommodate a shower bar, we have already assured him that the toilet will be fitted with a shower set, which includes a shower bar for the shower head. This is in accordance with industry standards, and consistent with other HDB housing projects.

Regarding his feedback on the design and size of the kitchen, the latest design of HDB flats takes into consideration the changing social and lifestyle needs of HDB flat residents.

In older flats, we had a large three-in-one kitchen space comprising the kitchen, dining area and service yard. Over the years, we have been introducing new design features and fine-tuning existing designs in response to residents' feedback, to ensure that we continue to provide functional and good living spaces that keep pace with their changing needs.

Thus, a separate kitchen space is now dedicated to cooking, with space set aside for the sink, a hood/hob, fridge, work top and cabinets.

Another separate area is designed for dining, to offer residents greater flexibility in using the space in relation to the living room.

The service yard is also separated from the kitchen, so that laundry can be aired without being affected by cooking fumes in the kitchen. Residents may choose to reconfigure and combine these spaces should they wish, when they renovate their flat.

We have been in touch with Mr Ho to explain and address his comments.

Cheong Kin Man
Director (Design Development)
Housing and Development Board