Haw Par Villa a park like no other

I thank Ms Melody Zaccheus for raising an important heritage issue in her commentary on Oct 15 ("Why it is urgent to protect Haw Par Villa"). I agree that Haw Par Villa should have conservation status.

Very often, we will miss a place only after it has been torn down or redeveloped. In fact, just changing the face of a place can make it sorely missed by people with a special memory of it.

Singapore is 50 now, what will we show and what stories will we tell on our SG100 video?

I will probably not be around by then, but I sure hope the stories I grew up with will stay with my future generations.

I hesitate to brand Haw Par Villa as a theme park because of all the expectations that may come with such a name.

A heritage park would be more meaningful, given the role in moral education Haw Par Villa played for earlier generations who grew up in a time when educational resources were very limited.

If nothing else, Haw Par Villa is certainly a place you can take a stroll in and reflect - like you would in a nice green park.

But this place reminds you of the values and beliefs that make us who we are today. 

I urge the Urban Redevelopment Authority to seriously consider awarding the place conservation status before we lose it forever.

Ng Lee Li (Ms)