Having women NSFs one way to boost cohort sizes

In his speech in Parliament, Second Minister for Defence Ong Ye Kung highlighted the demographic challenge of falling full-time national servicemen cohort sizes and the shrinking enlistment pool (Nearly all combat-fit NSFs to do basic training together; March 3).

As this concerns the security of the country, we should consider the conscription of women as well.

We could follow in the footsteps of countries like Israel, which has successfully conscripted women officers into its military service.

Every citizen plays a part in national security and women should be given the same opportunity to contribute as well.

Those who have been through national service would agree that it is a baptism of fire which has helped them to grow, mature and appreciate the importance of national defence and security.

We should not deprive women of this opportunity.

This would help to ease the demographic shortfall and raise the national resilience of Singapore, as everyone is given a chance to defend the country.

Seah Yam Meng