Having more e-scooters dangerous

A man riding an electric scooter on the pavement along Holland Road, on 6 Mar 2018.
A man riding an electric scooter on the pavement along Holland Road, on 6 Mar 2018.PHOTO: ST FILE

I disagree with Mr Phillip Tan Fong Lip's comments on encouraging more e-scooters and making Singapore the e-scooter capital (Make S'pore e-scooter capital, April 13).

Ever since e-scooters were introduced in Singapore, there have been numerous accidents where some victims were seriously injured.

Sad to say many of our e-scooter riders lack consideration for pedestrians, and ride fast and recklessly, posing a danger to pedestrians.

Our walkways are narrow and already crowded. Having more e-scooters around will definitely increase the danger for pedestrians.

As our population ages and the number of elderly people grows, with many in wheelchairs using the walkways, it is definitely not wise to increase the number of e-scooters.

If the Government chooses to allow e-scooter rental companies to operate in Singapore, there must be a cap or limit to the number of e-scooters allowed at any particular area, and the total number allowed for rental.

Also, the pathways are for walking. Why allow bicycles, e-scooters and other personal mobility devices to crowd them and endanger pedestrians?

Singapore is so small with a very comprehensive and efficient transport network.

Every MRT station or bus stop is a short walk from any destination.

Why do people need to use e-scooters?

Susan Tan Lin Neo