Have separate queue for premium taxis at airport

On Aug 21, at around 8pm, I returned from abroad and joined a taxi queue at Changi Airport Terminal 3.

The queue was moving rather slowly. This was because there were three limousine taxis and three Chrysler taxis waiting for passengers and taking up 60 per cent of the taxi boarding bays.

Most passengers did not want to take these premium taxis, so it took a while before a premium taxi could pick up a passenger and move off. However, after it vacated the taxi bay, its place would be taken by another premium taxi in no time.

It got so bad that the taxi coordinator had to direct some normal-priced taxis to stop along the road so that more passengers could board at the same time.

I suggest that the authorities limit premium taxis to 20 per cent of the taxi bays, so that the remaining 80 per cent of the bays are available to normal taxis.

Alternatively, set up a separate premium cab queue close by for customers who do not mind paying more for these premium taxis.

This will allow taxi coordinators to gauge demand for the premium taxis and manage the occupancy rate at the boarding bays.

Lim Kong Hiong