Have rules, infrastructure before making cycling a way of life

There is no such thing as safe cycling on a public road ("LTA team starts policing pavement and cycle path"; May 12).

Cycling side by side with fast-moving motor vehicles is dangerous. Therefore, cyclists have to be separated from motor vehicles, and this would require cycling infrastructure.

Such infrastructure has to be well lit at night, separated from the pedestrian footpath and moving vehicles, and designed with speed stripes at certain areas to deter speeding.

With the increase in the number of people picking up cycling, the rate of accidents from cycling will also go up.

Cyclists have to be educated to ride safely, yield to pedestrians, ride in a single file, sound the bell if approaching any pedestrian, follow traffic rules and regulations, and to not speed.

Bicycle safety features, such as front and rear lights and reflectors, and bells, should be made mandatory.

Riders of electric bicycles should be made to wear helmets and have compulsory insurance coverage, in case they knock down someone or damage any property.

All this must be done if the Government is serious about looking into promoting cycling as a way of life.

Donny Ho Boon Tiong