Have park-like setting for Founders' Memorial

I visited Changi Airport Terminal 4 and was impressed by its size, high-tech modern facilities, and that it took only three years to construct.

We have the land ready for the Founders' Memorial and do not lack the resources and expertise. I hope it will not take more than 36 months to build it (Founders' Memorial: Govt gives nod for Bay East Garden site; Aug 9).

First, let us identify the exact site, which should be set back from the Marina Reservoir to have a long driveway.

The ground level should be raised and the memorial built on elevated ground to give it a feeling of grandeur.

The memorial should be built in a park-like setting with lots of open space for greenery and flowers.

There should be an annex building for the display of historical material to record the achievements of each year for the past 52 years and enough reserved space to display each year's achievements for the next 48 years.

I hope the designers will visit overseas memorials and learn from them before committing their ideas to paper.

Tan Kok Tim[1965 TO 2017][2018 TO 2065]