Have fun with Pokemon Go, but be considerate

Ever since Pokemon Go was launched in Singapore, we have seen crowds of people in various locations searching for and chasing these virtual creatures.

A huge crowd in Hougang has even reportedly been running around disrupting traffic and ignoring their own safety and that of others.

It is not wrong to have fun playing games in public. But it is wrong when it disrupts traffic and the peace in public places, especially housing areas.

I hope Pokemon Go players respect traffic rules and not disrupt traffic and the peace and quiet of neighbours, as they go about their game.

The authorities must control the situation before it gets out of hand and an accident results. Action must be taken when crowds that are too large gather, as this leads to unnecessary noise, disrupts traffic and blocks public walkways.

Parents should also ensure that their children do not get overly obsessive about these games at the expense of their studies.

Susan Tan Lin Neo (Miss)