Have elderly-friendly features in libraries

Visitors to the newly revamped Bukit Panjang Public Library will be impressed by the modern design, the warm bright lights and the children's zone in a distinct wing, showcasing returned books sorted by auto-sorter machine.

A thoughtfully designed fixture that houses the multimedia and catalogue station monitors solves the problem of overhead lights reflecting on computer screens.

This idea should be applied to the e-newspapers station as well.

A raised platform, called the Book Mountain, holds the adults' non-fiction collection. Although there is a gradual ramp up, the alternative way via steps does not have handrails, and older people might stumble.

In the sunken seating areas, there should be signs calling attention to the steps on the approach. Handrails should also be installed where feasible.

The 50mm-wide coloured ribbons to help visitors find their way around the library may make visitors, especially the elderly, a little woozy.

The library should consider using 300mm-wide coloured bands or contrasting flooring to mark the different sections instead.

Loong Chik Tong