Have clear guidelines on priority seats

The purpose of having priority seats on trains will never be achieved if nothing is done to improve the current situation.

Many able-bodied youngsters blatantly occupy these seats, with eyes fixed on their cellphones and oblivious to their surroundings, even when elderly folk are standing right in front of them.

While there is no need to leave such seats vacant, younger commuters occupying these seats should always be alert enough to offer them to the elderly commuters they see on the trains.

It should be made clear to everyone that these seats are reserved for the elderly and people with disabilities. This message must be disseminated to all commuters so that when younger commuters are asked to give up their priority seats to the elderly or disabled, there will not be any argument or conflict.

Elderly commuters should also do their part by graciously accepting a vacated priority seat whenever they are offered one.

Otherwise, the considerate person offering the seat will feel embarrassed and may not repeat this kind gesture in future.

Some clear guidelines on the issue of priority train seats should be provided to all commuters.

Yeo Boon Eng (Ms)