Have better partition between smoking, non-smoking areas

Recently, I had lunch at a coffee shop in Jurong.

As I am very averse to cigarette smoke, I sat in the non-smoking section of the premises.

However, halfway through my meal, I smelled pungent cigarette smoke and traced it to a customer sitting across from me, in the smoking section.

I tactfully asked if he could divert the smoke away from me, but he replied that he had the right to smoke, as he was in the smoking section.

I believe my exasperation resonates with many other non-smokers, and that my experience can be recreated in most coffee shops across the island.

To resolve this problem, the National Environment Agency should consider enacting a law stating that the smoking section at eating establishments must be partitioned off from the non-smoking section with more than just a yellow box drawn on the floor.

This should entail the erection of screens, both portable and fixed, for demarcation.

In this way, the health of non-smokers would be safeguarded.

Teo Kok Seah