Have an app for public to report parking offences

The i-witness function in the police@SGmobile mobile app, which the public can use to report major incidents and crises, is a good idea ("In an emergency, alert police via i-Witness"; April 30).

Government agencies and town councils should develop a similar app for illegal parking.

Currently, the Land Transport Authority's "snap and send" feature in its MyTransport.SG app accepts only public feedback on road infrastructure defects, faulty traffic lights and obstructed signage. It is not meant for parking offences.

As our car population continues to grow and parking charges increase, it is common to see vehicles parked illegally - on roads with double yellow lines or continuous white lines, in loading bays, in front of central rubbish bin centres, in spaces reserved for season parking and those with disabilities and, in the case of motorbikes, in void decks.

The 24-hour enforcement phone hotlines are hard to get through and, on non-working days, government offices are closed.

A mobile app would allow the public to quickly report errant motorists.

It will encourage people to contribute to the welfare of the community and deter potential offenders.

Francis Cheng