Have a green belt for every estate

I read the article on March 11 ("How trees can cut your air-con bill") with much concern, and urge the Government to step in to create the conditions for estates to enjoy fresher and cooler air.

When I first moved to Pasir Ris about 14 years ago, I was attracted by the fresh air and nice views within the community. The area was surrounded by a green belt with a breathtaking seaview. While my wooden furniture would get mouldy due to the dampness of the air, especially during the year end, this was a sign of the fresh sea air.

Over the years, the green belt is gone. We are seeing more and more buildings, be it residential, commercial or industrial. Gone are the days of cold air, mouldy furniture and having a seaview. Residents are greeted by layers of dust each day, as well as noise pollution.

Pasir Ris is just a small estate and it seems to be getting overpopulated as more residential projects sprout up.

It would be ideal if the authorities can consider a green belt for every estate, to combat the effects of global warming.

Michelle Seah (Ms)

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