Have a back-up plan for electronic parking system

The Government is planning to convert all carparks in Housing Board (HDB) estates from coupon parking to the electronic parking system (EPS) (Coupons to be phased out for electronic parking; Feb 8).

Figures announced in Parliament showed that as of December last year, 73 per cent of the 2,104 public carparks managed by the HDB and the Urban Redevelopment Authority use the EPS.

In implementing this, is there a back-up plan should the barrier malfunction?

I have encountered jammed barriers either going into carparks or leaving them, and they often result in long queues of vehicles forming up and a long wait to get into the carpark.

What worries me is what happens when emergency vehicles such as ambulances or fire engines run into a jammed barrier.

Goh Geok Huat