Harder for foreign students' dream of good education to come true

As a foreign student from Taiwan, I was disheartened at the news that there will be another hike in our school fees ("Fee hikes for non-S'porean students from next year"; Oct 12, and "Don't increase school fees every year" by Duan Hongxuan; Voices of Youth, Nov 16).

It will lead to a greater financial burden for us, especially if we come from middle- or lower-class families.

Even though it seems like just a small percentage increase, after factoring in the conversion rate between the Singapore dollar and other currencies, the rise in the absolute amount of fees that foreign students have to pay is much more.

For students like myself, who are currently studying here, our demand for Singapore's education is price inelastic. It is impractical for us to search for substitutes and go elsewhere for our education within a short period of time.

Hence, the rising school fees are imposing greater pressure than ever, even before we can graduate and find jobs.

Singapore is known to be a country which provides quality education. Foreign students come here in the hopes of attaining a better education than they would get in their home country.

Sadly, it is becoming more difficult for this dream to come true.

Lu Pei Cheng (Ms)