Hallmark of good politics

The motives, means and end of good politics should be about improving quality of life on a sustainable basis for each and every Singaporean.

That should be the focus of Parliament and the basis for measuring its success.

Parliament should target our key priorities and craft policies that are holistic and catalytic.

This is to help create a positive and balanced impact, and generate a cascading and multiplier effect for our citizens, families, communities and country as a whole.

In the light of the slowing economy, the Government will need to explore ways to foster and develop a stronger and more stable and sustainable economic growth.

It needs to help build a more cohesive and resilient society.

In addition, it needs to galvanise more resources to enhance our infrastructure, economic systems and human resources, so as to strengthen our competitive edge and support our growth.

Besides focusing on economic development, Parliament will need to build on the soul of the nation.

At this stage of our nation-building process, we should promote less reliance on the Government and encourage more Singaporeans to be involved in active citizenry.

We need to develop more ground-up and peer-to-peer initiatives to deepen our roots and strengthen our collective sense of belonging, loyalty, and affection for our nation.

To do that, we need to further develop community infrastructure and support systems to help citizens connect, collaborate and co-create solutions and improve our overall well-being and quality of life.

We need to encourage more volunteers and voluntary groups to help tackle key issues facing our country.

In particular, we need to promote the growth of voluntary welfare organisations and social enterprises and help them improve their reach and assistance to not just the last, the least and the lost, but also to those who fall between the cracks.

The people who need our help include those who feel lost, are left behind or are unable to find a place in a fast-changing society.

It is only with a more comprehensive and deeper involvement from the people that we can build a future of hope and optimism, a future that will be a treasure trove of beautiful memories for ourselves and our future generation.

Patrick Liew Siow Gian (Dr)