Habits of cleaners must change too

There is a big push to get people eating at hawker centres to clear their tables for the next user.

But, from my experience, some old habits of cleaners have to change if people are going to be motivated to clear their trays.

It is very common to find tables at hawker centres that are just filthy.

When the cleaners remove the trays and dishes, all they do is give the table a cursory swipe with their filthy cloth, quite often sweeping all the rubbish onto the floor.

If I return the tray and dishes, the cleaners do not even bother to give that cursory wipe of the table.

If I am expected to return my tray and dishes, like I do when I am overseas, then the cleaners have to clean the table after I remove the tray and dishes, as they do overseas.

David Loh

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