Greater need for nursing homes in future

The National Trades Union Congress and wealthy individuals or organisations should be encouraged to help set up more nursing homes rather than retirement homes ("Build cluster retirement homes on a large scale" by Mr Sum Kam Weng; Sept 30).

Retirement homes are mainly for the elderly who are mobile and independent.

Unfortunately, through the process of inevitable ageing, most retirees will ultimately become dependent on others as they become weak and frail. They would need medical and nursing care then.

This is where nursing homes come in, as not every elderly person is fortunate enough to live near their children or family members, or have a full-time caregiver trained in taking care of their medical needs.

On this note, some old private nursing homes in Singapore need extensive renovation to create a cosy and cheerful ambience.

Incidentally, what is the update on the nursing home near the Singapore Island Country Club ("Nursing home near SICC Island location"; April 21, 2015)?

It was reported that construction work would begin early this year, and that the facility should be completed by the end of 2017.

However, there doesn't seem to be any sign of activity in the area.

Pauline The Ai Lian (Madam)