Great staff at nursing home

As a regular visitor to Grace Lodge nursing home, where my mother stayed for more than eight years, I fully concur with what Mr David Tng Yam Seng has written ("Dedicated staff kept brother comfortable"; Oct 2).

Grace Lodge is an extraordinary nursing home helmed by an extraordinary person, Mr Ranjit Singh, who does not delegate jobs to his subordinates like other managers.

He is often spotted in the wards either interacting with his staff and residents or helping to feed the residents.

In my whole adult life, I have not met a more humble and good-natured person; someone who would not hesitate to shake your hand after an argument.

Also, the entire staff - from the security guards and the front-desk receptionists, to the local and foreign nurses and Mr Ranjit Singh himself - are friendly and courteous.

They spare no effort in greeting every visitor.

In terms of management and cleanliness, Grace Lodge is a well-oiled cog that runs smoothly and like clockwork, such that whenever I visited my mother, a chair would be brought to me without my asking.

When I was looking for a nursing home for my mother, people taught me the art of sussing out the well-managed ones from the poorly run ones by using my nose to sniff for urine smells in the wards.

I have never smelled urine, or any unpleasant odours, in the Grace Lodge wards.

The only reason for transferring my mother to another home is that the new one is a stone's throw from my home.

Kudos to all the staff of Grace Lodge nursing home, especially the nurses in the ward at Level 7.

Seah Kian Chong