Govt should take lead in mall for seniors

The proposal to set up a mall for seniors seems idealistic ("Set up mall for seniors" by Ms Clara Chua Sieo Peng; Nov 24).

The harsh reality is that the costs of building such a mall - for the land, architect, construction and so on - are likely too high to make a good return on investment.

The market size of the present aged population is not big enough for private developers to take the risks associated with such a venture.

Moreover, seniors make for a difficult market as they are likely to be cautious and thrifty - most of them are retired and do not generate income.

The Government has to take the initiative in building such a mall. It can do so by incorporating such plans when building town hubs in the various heartland locations.

For instance, it can rope in NTUC FairPrice to set up senior-friendly department stores.

Jeff Tan Hong Liak