Govt should push smart brakes for vehicles in S'pore

While great progress is being made where autonomous vehicles are concerned, not enough attention is being paid to a technology that could give road safety in Singapore a big boost - Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB).

This is a tried and tested technology that is used by many mainstream vehicle manufacturers, and is becoming a popular feature in vehicles abroad. However, in Singapore, only a few continental brands and some parallel import models have it.

The Land Transport Authority and Singapore car dealers can put in more effort to bring in cars with this technology.

While figures vary with studies, in Germany, one study showed that up to 72 per cent of all rear-end collisions resulting in injury could be prevented if all vehicles were equipped with an AEB system.

I hope the Government will look into actively pushing this technology so that it becomes a standard feature in the majority of cars on Singapore roads.

Providing incentives like additional registration fee rebates to offset the additional cost of this technology in the vehicle, or some form of tax concessions to the dealers will help to this end.

Chow Chee Kien