Govt must step in to audit TKD federation's finances

Having been accorded the status of a national sports association by the Government, the Singapore Taekwondo Federation's (STF) management is accountable to the public, and the Government needs to hold the management accountable for lapses.

I support Mr Daniel Tay Xiong Sheng's call for accountability from STF's management (Singapore Taekwondo Federation resignations are sign of trouble, Oct 30; and Letter: Leadership transition smooth, insists acting chief of Singapore Taekwondo Federation, Oct 30).

When serious administrative lapses were discovered by Mr Tay, there was no apology by STF for these errors. Instead, the STF said it wanted to seek "legal redress" for the discrepancy that Mr Tay pointed out, which is, in fact, an error that they made. This is illogical.

As a retired lecturer in business and management, I understand the grave nature of typographical errors in audited finances published in annual reports.

The discrepancy was a whopping $630,000, a very large sum (Singapore Taekwondo Federation dismisses claims that $630,000 is 'unaccounted for' in its accounts, attributes discrepancy to typo; Sept 18).

The management brushing off the error as a typo without convening an independent audit by a new auditor is alarmingly irresponsible.

To restore confidence in the taekwondo community, I urge the relevant government authorities to step in to conduct a full independent audit of STF's finances and management practices.

Tan Chew Wai (Dr)