Govt can take lead to show how to keep 65-year-olds employed

I was concerned when I read the insightful report of Sept 12 ("Workers turning 65 before next July worried").

The figures cited show that more workers are working past the age of 65. The fact that more workers can - or have to - work beyond what would, in the past, have been the retirement age is a strong indicator that perhaps the retirement age concept needs an urgent review.

I agree with National Trades Union Congress deputy secretary-general Heng Chee How that companies retiring healthy 65-year-olds would only demoralise other employees.

Medical coverage and other perks for employees in this age group can always be realigned; there is no need to resort to retiring such staff just to cut costs.

Perhaps the Government should show how it is taking the lead to keep healthy and productive 65-year-olds employed, to encourage companies to better motivate their employees and promote loyalty to the company.

Chiang Ming Yu