Good way to overcome abuse of toilets

I applaud Jurong Point shopping centre for initiating the use of the Contactless e-Purse Application (Cepas) pass to overcome the rampant abuse of toilets for people with disabilities ("Tap-in to use toilet for the disabled / Malls 'will study card access system'"; Aug 28).

I am a disabled person and I face such abuse on a daily basis (especially in ChinaTown Point, where I work). It is so bad that many "abusers" feel they are "entitled" to use the toilet and they resent being told not to use it.

I disagree with Dr Marissa Medjeral-Mills, the executive director of The Disabled People's Association, that Jurong Point's move misses the point, that it should be about education.

It is fine to talk about education, but how practical is it? Should that be the responsibility of the shopping centre?

Jurong Point is trying to solve the abuse of such facilities in a practical way and at great expense.

As a disabled person, I applaud its initiative.

When Singaporeans learn to be kind and to respect disabled people, we will not need to lock toilets for people with disabilities.

When will that happen?

Tan Sin Liang