Good to keep parks free of smoke

I approve of the move to ban smoking in reservoirs and parks in private and public housing estates ("Smoking ban to extend to reservoirs, parks"; April 13).

The effects of smoking are not only harmful to smokers themselves, but the second-hand smoke also causes health problems for non-smokers.

The ban extension is a good step to gradually snuff out smoking in all public areas, especially when many people stroll at parks and public green spaces to take a break from the city air and to inhale fresh air, but end up breathing in the second-hand smoke from people who smoke there.

Parks and reservoirs are places for people to take in fresh air, but ironically, the air there is also polluted.

Besides eradicating smoking in public spaces, this is also a good way to protect our environment and keep our air clean.

Furthermore, a considerable amount of litter usually found at parks consists of cigarette butts. Hence, with smoking banned at public green spaces, the quality of our environment can also be improved.

In the long run, this move will raise health and environmental standards.

Ong Si Min (Miss)