Good service is a two-way street

Mr Patrick Tan Siong Kuan has raised a noteworthy yet controversial issue ("Service quality depends on management's attitude"; Forum Online, July 19), that is, the components which make up a healthy, balanced and win-win service culture, and how we perceive, treat, realise and value it.

If a service staff could put himself in customers' shoes, he will realise what customers expect - trained staff who are friendly, polite, approachable and enthusiastic, have profound product knowledge and are able to do a complete post-sale follow up.

Similarly, if a customer could put himself in the position of a service staff, he would expect to be fairly treated with respect and dignity.

These illustrate that it takes two hands to clap when it comes to service.

Every human being is deserving of respect and expects to be treated fairly and with dignity.

There should be a top-down approach. With the active involvement of the authorities, corporate leaders and the community, service standards and quality can be further enhanced.

Teo Kueh Liang