Good reasons to mark Racial Harmony Day

The importance of racial harmony cannot be over-emphasised, especially in the wake of recent incidents of racism elsewhere.

Not long ago, an elderly passenger was forcibly removed from an overbooked United Airlines flight.

More recently, an Airbnb host made a racist remark when cancelling a guest's reservation.

Earlier this week, a Brazilian footballer posted rude messages about China (Blues say sorry for racist remark, Pedro out injured; July 24).

As Singapore marked the 20th anniversary of Racial Harmony Day last week, we can reflect with pride on the peace and harmony we have enjoyed over the years.

All this did not happen by chance.

We should continue to attach great significance to July 21 every year.

The older generation experienced hardships and sufferings during the racial riots in the 1960s. The lesson learnt is this: Never take racial harmony for granted.

Jeffrey Law Lee Beng