Good initiative to start young on caring for community

The Early Childhood Development Agency's Start Small Dream Big initiative is a good way to introduce caring for others to the young generation ("Pre-school pupils learn to care for community"; April 30).

Through a wide range of products on offer, children can find out what appeals to them, be it helping the people or wildlife.

Apart from the children, their families too will be involved, as those taking part in the initiative can work with their parents to help their community.

Learning to help the community does not need to happen only in initiatives outside school.

Most schools here have a Values in Action programme to teach the younger generation to help out in the community.

These projects can vary, from teaching the elderly to cleaning bathrooms in school.

Such initiatives are a good way to teach students to care for the community and make them passionate about helping others.

Of course, we should not wait for initiatives before we help others. We can start now.

Charlieze Tan (Miss)