Good idea for ministry to play matchmaker for older workers

It is heartening to read Fengshan MP Cheryl Chan's idea to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and keep older workers active ("Match retirees to SMEs"; April 8).

There are retirees who are trained professionals and have served in various corporate fields - such as corporate planning, human resources, finance and accounting, and product/process improvement.

These retirees possess vast practical experience in managing businesses and the development of overseas markets.

The Ministry of Trade and Industry or other authorities could certainly play a "matchmaking role" and tap these retirees' skills and experience as consultants or mentors to SMEs, to help these companies in restructuring or in business expansion.

The SMEs can benefit from these retirees' know-how in resolving corporate issues, including the improvement of processes and risk management.

Ong Kim Bock