Good communication, respect key to better doctor-patient relationship

I could not agree more with Mr Lee Teck Chuan's comments ("Patient care an art, a science, and a two-way street"; Nov 19).

In addition, I hope doctors can also empathise with the concerns of a patient's family members.

Some illnesses may appear as very common or nothing out of the ordinary for doctors, but I believe family members hope to be kept informed, especially on the outlook and the various options available. We hope to make informed decisions.

That said, we should also be understanding towards the doctors, who have their busy schedules and heavy workloads.

The crux of the matter lies in communicating effectively and clearly, and with respect for each side.

We should respect the doctors' professionalism, and that of all healthcare workers.

Similarly, patients and their family members hope to be accorded the same respect when we seek clarifications and/or share our observations.

Cheryl Ng Lay Bee (Ms)