Give students more internship opportunities

Besides introducing education and career guidance centres to students, allowing them to learn more about the basic information and requirements of various jobs, it is also crucial for the Ministry of Education to liaise with well-established companies and government agencies to introduce more internship programmes for junior college students ("8 career guidance centres in polys, ITE by January"; Oct 31).

First, internships provide real-life scenarios and experiences.

Adults may tell students about the difficulties faced on the job, the pressure of a set deadline and so on, but experiencing it for oneself will leave a better impression.

Second, internships allow students to pick up life skills.

Every career requires a special set of skills. Schooling gives students knowledge, but internships test how students put their knowledge to practical use.

Third, internships are able to motivate students.

If one really enjoys the time spent throughout the internship, it can be taken into account when one decides on which university course to pursue.

Successful internships let students become more passionate about what they are striving for.

Conversely, unsuccessful internships can also serve as an early warning, so students can reconsider their career paths.

I agree that students may not be as efficient as experienced working adults, nor will all students have the time to go for internships.

Nonetheless, a two-week internship can be worth it if students get to experience what it is like to work with adults.

However, opportunities for internships may be limited. There are only a few jobs which are open to students.

Hence, I sincerely hope that the authorities can liaise with more companies and bring forth more internship opportunities or attachment programmes in various fields for more students in more schools, to work with companies and learn.

Jong Ching Yee (Miss)

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