Give S-League clubs a chance to move up

While I agree that Singapore would benefit from the Asean Super League (ASL) and that our best players should have the opportunity to play at the regional level, we should not create another LionsXII ("S'pore to benefit from ASL, says FAS"; Dec 30).

I am sure the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) had Singapore football at heart when it announced that the bulk of the current LionsXII would be expected to form the team for the regional inter-club tournament.

However, this format has been proven to be very unlikely to work in the long term because the top S-League clubs have very little incentive to develop talent if, whenever they do well, their top players get poached and a reset button is pressed.

If the ASL requires two teams to represent each country, then Singapore should send the top two teams of the previous S-League season.

If playing in both the domestic and regional competitions is too taxing for the teams, then the FAS could allow the teams an additional three players each to play in the regional competition.

Teams could also be rebranded when they go for regional competitions. For example, Tampines Rovers could be named the Singapore Tampines Rovers or the Singapore Rovers.

With this format, S-League clubs have an incentive to groom and retain talent, because they have a fighting chance of unseating the top teams that become complacent and move up the ranks.

Ivan Goh Sian Lung