Give police officers adequate protection from abuse

It is disturbing to see more and more people challenging our law enforcement officers when they are stopped for questioning.

So, I couldn't agree more with Mr Seah Yam Meng (Introduce caning for abusing police officers; Forum Online, Sept 29).

The people who flout the law have the audacity to threaten the law enforcers and use vulgarities on them, as can be seen in many videos on social media.

Some of these people fight back and try to resist arrest when the police officers try to restrain them.

They appear to be under the impression that the law enforcers would not dare touch them, as the incidents are always being filmed by some member of the public.

In order to continue to have a peaceful society, we need to respect and protect our law enforcers who put their lives at risk every day.

If we do not give them adequate protection, we will have difficulty getting people to serve with law enforcement bodies in Singapore.

So the law must be very clear about the protection given to them.

Also, all foreigners must be warned in advance of the consequences of harming and disrespecting our law enforcers, and it must be highlighted to them that their punishment will include caning.

Lim Tong Wah

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