Give due recognition to first NS officers

One group of people was left out in the report (As NS turns 50, what is its future?;July 31) - the pioneer National Service officers.

Some time in 1968, one or two companies of "educated" NSFs were selected for officer-cadet training. They were commissioned as officers in 1969 and were required to serve three years full time.

Most of them are now in their late 60s or early 70s. I am one of them.

Unfortunately, we hardly get a mention, let alone recognition for our sacrifice and positive contributions during those tumultuous times. I have received no letter or token gifts from the Ministry of Defence.

In later years, the law was amended so officers needed to serve only two years full time, instead of three. Sadly, there is no form of recognition for the extra year we served either.

I hope Mindef will invite all those who passed out as the pioneer batch of officers in 1969 to a thank-you gathering or farewell tea party at Safra.

Tan Teck Huat