Give COE renewal rebates for off-peak cars

The calls to enhance the attractiveness of the off-peak car scheme are most timely ("Fair way to adjust off-peak car rebate" by Mr Han Yongyuan; Sept 29, "Off-peak cars can ease transition to public transport" by Mr Adrian Tan Kok Guan; Sept 24 and "Raise rebate in off-peak car scheme" by Mr Laurence Ng; Sept 21).

Besides considering raising the $17,000 rebate for new car registration, increasing the road tax discount and reviewing usage times, the Land Transport Authority could also look into giving a rebate when the certificate of entitlement (COE) of an off-peak car is being renewed.

Due to less usage, off-peak cars should be in better conditions than regular cars after 10 years, and the renewal of their COEs should be encouraged.

Having more off-peak cars on our roads would cater to the needs of the average Singaporean family while not adding to traffic congestion during peak hours.

Lam Pin Woon