Give caregivers ability to activate Green Man Plus

Green Man Plus is an initiative by the Land Transport Authority to address the needs of elderly pedestrians and people with disabilities (PWD), who may require more time to cross the road.

This is a good initiative, but I do not believe it is reaching its target group.

The elderly and disabled have to tap their senior citizen concession cards or PWD concession cards on a reader mounted on the traffic light to activate this service.

However, most of the time, these people do not carry their cards with them when they are moving around the neighbourhood and not taking public transport.

The initiative would work better if caregivers or people in the healthcare sector who deal with the elderly or disabled are given access to Green Man Plus as well.

They would hence be able to tap the card on the reader for an elderly or disabled person, so that the latter does not need to struggle to meet the timing when he crosses the road.

Rani Narayanasamy (Madam)