Give affected families time and space to sort out issues

We must make a distinction between one's political life and personal life ("PAP has standards to uphold: Whip; March 14).

My first reaction when I read about MP David Ong's "personal indiscretion" was that his family members, as well as those of the woman grassroots activist he is said to have had an extramarital affair with, would bear the brunt of the sad episode.

Hence, political party candidates who are contesting the by-election in Bukit Batok would do well to not attempt to tarnish one another's reputation just to gain political mileage.

Instead of indulging in any mud-slinging, it will be better if they can come up with plans on what they can offer Bukit Batok constituents if they are elected.

This is what residents there want to know. They also want to know whether promises made during the general election campaign period can be delivered.

As humans, we are not faultless, and must avoid passing judgment on others.

The families of both Mr Ong and the grassroots activist need time and space to sort out their issues so that they can continue with their lives.

Jeffrey Law Lee Beng