Gifted programme helped daughter blossom

As a parent whose child has benefited from the Gifted Education Programme (GEP), I am very glad that a fellow parent has stood up to discuss the matter ("The GEP: Separating myths from truths"; Monday).

Not many parents choose to talk about the GEP openly. The reason could be that many of us feel our voices are drowned out since we are the minority.

When our daughter was selected for the GEP, we were very surprised.

Academically, she was not the front runner though we knew she could reason beyond her years and was coping well without tuition.

We had no clue as to what the GEP was but attended the briefing and were convinced it was a good programme for our daughter, given the small class size and enriched programme.

So, in 2012, she was transferred to a different school as her previous school did not run the GEP.

She was a shy child who would cry over the most trivial matter. She had some adjustment issues in her new school, but overcame the anxiety after two months with the help of her teachers and classmates.

This year marks the end of the GEP for our daughter. She has blossomed under this programme. She is now more confident, is very independent and is able to present her views confidently.

All this was made possible because she was given the opportunity.

I have heard of parents who hot-house their children to prepare them for the GEP. This is unnecessary. If the children are truly gifted, they will be selected.

This was the case with most of our daughter's classmates. They were selected as they are academically gifted.They have a gift and need a tailored programme to develop it.

I urge parents to have faith in our education system, which has served us well over the years.

Karen Lee H. L. (Madam)